Package Design

In the retail word, there is a time to make a statement. Every product has a story to tell. As a consumer cruises the aisle and scans the shelves, there is a split second when the statement can be made and received. A connection must happen that allows the story to be told. It is a statement of perceived quality. It is a story of performance. We love designing statements.

Compac Industries

The Baby Buddy Oral Care Program is highlighted by the 360 Sonic Toothbrush. This dynamic toothbrush displayed in an exciting and clean, clear box that allows the toothbrush to be completely showcased.

Baby Buddy Sonic 360 Toothbrush


A proposed design and brand name for dishwasher detergent powder, gel, and pods.

Trend Product Line

Palm Coast Imports

An unbranded builder grade ceiling fan in a nicely designed box that raises it to the top of the builder's market.

St. Kitts Fan Box


Redefining an established name brand in the feminine product category with a fresh, colorful and classy design that appeals to women of all ages. Printed on metallic board, each box takes on a special shimmer.

Massengill Product Line

Palm Coast Imports

A proposed design for Robo Max, a continuous, hands-free automatic vacuum cleaner.

RoboMax Box

Compac Industries

360° of bristles deserves 360° of display. A unique package design fitting for a revolutionary toothbrush design.

Brilliant Toothbrush with 360 Bristles Package


The shrink wrap labels were designed to be engaging and fun for children from the ages of a toddler and up. Each of the elephants were illustrated to show the fun and active lifestyle of children.

My Home Detergent Bottle

Compac Industries

A fun package design that emphasizes the fact that a dog can desire and enjoy healthy oral care.

Brush My Teeth Pet Toothbrush

Steel Shield Technologies

The Engine Shield box, printed on metallic board, accentuates the purpose and quality of the product.

Engine Shield Box

Compac Industries

This Baby Buddy package was designed for an effective display of the sponge in a fresh, playful conceptual approach.

Baby Buddy Bath Sponge Clear Box


This package design is one sure to stand out on the shelves with its unique round fifth panel and it's clean, refreshing look.

Aloe Vera Package